20150429 The Legendary Tigerman @ Sabotage Rock Club

Sabotage opened as a sequel to the work of three “amigos” who’ve been managing records stores, labels and music distributors since the 90s, so promoting music is the goal for all of us here.
The “rock’n’roll” label we have attatched to Sabotage is way widder than the “12 bar blues music”. Since the beginning, we easily jump from Boogaloo to Northern Soul, from Deep Funk to Post-Punk, or from all forms of psychedelia to Free Jazz. All them fit in our baggy concept of rock’n’roll.
From uncrowded kings of British Beat The Pretty Things to the Swedish Garage next cool band, from the wakky wizzard Quintron to the wild King Khan.
With a 24-hour difference we can have a live show from the brazilian legends Os Mutantes or Lydia Lunch to the young pimpled newcommer portuguese band, and all are treated equal.
Main acts in the last 6 years: Os Mutantes; Lydia Lunch; Ian Svenonious; Tav Falco; The Pretty Things; The Mystery Lights; King Kahn; Emma Ruth Rundle; Quintron & Miss Pussycat; Paddy Steer; The Vacant Lots; Guadalupe Plata; Death Valley Girls; Ron Gallo; Toy; Stonefield; FAVX; The Danse Society; The Coathangers; Electric Moon; The KVB; Mars Red Sky.

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